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22nd July 2019

Spektrum DX6i - Stick Self Centering Modification.

I recently upgraded to a Spektrum DX6i and was really delighted with all aspects of its performance except one - I wanted the left hand stick (throttle) to be spring loaded (self centering). I contacted Horizon Hobby (01279 641097 or and they kindly supplied the components required. The upgrade steps I followed are recorded below - I hope they help someone.

(1) Check you have the Spektrum Parts that you will need to complete the exercise:

(2) Check you have the tools required:

(3) Clear a wide work area with good lighting - internals are mainly black on black, meaning you need good illumination.

(4) Check you allow sufficient time. While I'm sure that you can do the job in 15 minutes (if you've done it before) it took me about an hour - so adjust your schedule and mindset accordingly.

(5) Remove the DX6i back cover (6 screws) and batteries. Any stored 'Models' or settings are retained with the batteries removed i.e. you don't lose any settings.

(6) Remove the 3 electrical connector blocks (allowing you to fully remove the back cover) after noting down their location and orientation.

(7) Remove the 2 screws and the silver clip from the Throttle stick assembly.

(8) Remove the cradle and stick assembly by undoing 4 screws on the front of the DX6i.

(9) Remove the silver horse shoe shaped circlip that holds the Throttle potentiometer in place. This needs to be prised up gently.

(10) Remove the Throttle potentiometer.

(11) Remove the stick assembly from the cradle (pull it towards where the potentiometer was and at the same time push it out).

(12) Remove the small plug at the bottom of the slide channel. Also fit the Long pin in the cradle.

(13) Insert the slide (the 'tongue' should be at the bottom and should extend into the cradle).

(14) Fit the 2 short pins in the stick assembly as shown in the picture below.

(15) Fit the stick assembly back into the cradle - similar to when you removed it in step 11.

(16) Refit the Throttle potentiometer into the cradle ensuring that both the tab and the flat on the shaft are aligned.

(17) Fit the black plastic rocker arm onto the front pin and connect the spring from the arm to the tongue on the slide.

(18) Fit the spring tension screw into the hole on the top of the slide as shown in the picture below.

(19) Fit the cradle and stick assembly back into the controller - similar to when you removed it in step 8.

(20) Adjust the spring tension to suit your preference using the spring tension screw.

(21) Apply a light smear of silicone grease on the slide and on the black plastic arm contact points.

(22) Refit the 3 electrical connector blocks you removed in step 6.

(23) Replace the back cover and batteries - similar to when you removed them in step 5.

(24) Enjoy your upgraded DX6i.